Upcoming Tech Class

WCRA is hosting a 2 day training class to help you get your Technician Amateur Radio license.
This will be held on successive Saturdays, March 15, 2014 and March 22, 2014.
At the end of the second day, you can take your Technician License exam in class.

Invest two Saturdays and some homework time ahead of class, and take the exam.
If you pass the exam, you have earned your license!
WHO: You! Adults and youth are invited
WHEN: Saturday March 15th and March 22, 2014 (both dates required for attendance)
       9 AM to 5 PM (Bring a sack lunch)
WHERE: Faith Evangelical Covenant Church, 2001 Lakeview Drive, Wheaton, IL 60189
COST: $10 for the class (required) + $15 for the test (optional). + $20 to purchase the book from WCRA
      (Make checks payable to the WCRA.)

Training Introduction

WCRA prides itself in offering training to the public at large, in particular those interested in joining in the fun of Amateur Radio! WCRA has volunteer instructors that teach classes to prepare prospective Hams for the Technician class license exam, and also prides itself in the "know code" program, which is an optional course offered to current Hams and prospective Hams alike, teaching Morse code. Morse code is not required for any of the ham licenses.

Classes Offered

Technician License Preparation Class

Currently, WCRA offers training designed to prepare a prospective Ham for the Technician class license exam. Note that we require a minimum number of participants for the course to be conducted, so sign a friend or family member up when you sign up! Both adults and youth are encouraged to attend. Preregistration is required by sending an email to our Training Coordinator. Seating is limited and payment is required in advance. Details on the location, dates, times and costs can be found in our current training flyer which you can download here.

The course is based on the Gordon West (a leader in amateur radio licensing) study materials which can be purchased from several online sellers. Our club provides seasoned, Extra class Hams overseeing and facilitating the course.

We offer the class as a two day course with a preliminary home study activity to get acquainted with the material. The home study portion is self paced and easy to accomplish with the book and worksheets provided. At each of the two day sessions, the material will be discussed, demonstrations will occur and questions will be answered. At the end of the second day, you can take your test to get your ham license!

You will need to purchase or borrow a specific book for the class. The book is called "2010-2014 Technician Class by Gordon West". Additionally, audio CDs that go with the book, can be purchased to help you study. Books can be shared with a friend or family member as long you have time to study before class starts. Once you have the book, click here to download the pre study workbook. Print it out, fill it in and bring it with you for the first day of class.

Know Code Classes

WCRA also offers a "KNOW CODE" class, aimed at teaching Morse code to the absolute beginner, or to those that might have forgotten it. While Morse code is no longer required to get your ham license, many hams go on to learn it as it is still widely in use on the ham bands. For more information on the when and where of the next know code class, please contact Charlie, WB9SGD.

Additional Exam Sessions

If you didn't pass the test at one of our classes or just wanted to wait until you were more prepared, there are exam sessions occurring periodically in the area. Exams are routinely administered by the WCRA VE team. Information on WCRA VE testing as well as other clubs can be found on the VE testing page.

Additional Resources

Whether you are new to the hobby looking for new information, or a seasoned Ham looking for information on upgrading your license, our WCRA Training Team is committed to being as helpful as is possible. Please feel free to reach out and ask a question to our Training Coordinator. We are proud to report that so many good questions have been asked, that we now have had enough create a useful Training Reference guide. It is our hope that you will find this helpful.