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Field Day 2017

This years Field Day is in the books, with well over 1000 contacts. Thanks to all who came out to setup, operate, log and tear down. WCRA operated as a 3A station plus satellite. Fun was had by all who attended.

Speaking of the RAB

Plans are in the works for the 39 repeater site as well as the 31 repeater site. The new Stationmaster antenna is destined to replace the existing antenna at the 31 site, while antenna testing will continue at the 39 site.

Event Calendar
June 2 Membership Meeting 7:30 Wheaton First
Presbyterian Church
June 24-25 Field Day 8:00am Nike Park, Addison
July 7 Membership Meeting 7:30 Wheaton First
Presbyterian Church
August 20 Club Picnic TBD Herrick Lake West Shelter
Saturday Night Fox Hunting

Fox Hunting is a just-for-fun activity in which the "hunters" use radio direction finding (RDF) techniques to locate a transmitter within a fixed geographical boundary.

Hunters gather about a half hour before the hunt. Everyone is invited to participate or ride along (call in advance). All hunts start at 8PM.

Recurring Monthly Schedule

Saturday Start Location Frequency
1st KMart Parking lot, Elmhurst, Rt 93 north of St Charles Rd CFAR input 147.150MHz
2nd Downers Grove Golf Club parking lot, off Belmont Rd south of Odgen Av Simplex 146.565 MHz
3rd Centennial Park, Addison, Rohlwing Rd, 0.4 miles south of Lake St CFMC input 146.160 MHz
4th WoodDale Rd between Thorndale and Irving Pk Rd Simplex 146.34 MHz

For further info contact Mike WA9FTS or call (708) 457-0966.

At First Glance

Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs, Inc. was founded in 1948. We are a group of amateur radio operators who promote the advancement of the hobby and science of amateur radio through

WCRA is involved in all facets of Amateur Radio, supporting the healthy growth of the hobby through diversification and participation. If this sounds like a group you'd be interested in joining then come to one of our events and see what kind of folks we really are!

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs is to further the art of radio communications and electronics by mentoring anyone with like interests, participating in community events, preparedness in assisting in the event of a disaster where other communication modes can fail, while promoting social camaraderie among its members.

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Courtesy n3kl.org